A number on a playing piece (photo; below right) refers to its’ assigned move role below: 1st, A. 1-6. All moves are across or along lines(where a side of two hexagons touch): Gray arrows. Donkey Oatey shown (7) on & off the Horse piece. Six Morx (Donkey Oatey Aspects) (8) shown outside the Soffit aren’t in play at game start. Wing Nut (3 positions) + 3 individual.



1st Dementian BASIC SIX IN A DREAM

  • Six Move Roles I. Immovable is not taken or passed.
    • Tor Mentor: Any distance along or across lines.
    • monads (Engineer, Pol, Scientist): along only.
    • NoMads (Bureaucrat, Pirouette): across only.
    • Drone: Only one space along or across a line.
    • nix: Only one space forward across a line.
    • Horse [Racin’ Auntie] jumps: Spaces may go
      on the next move changes but is preset.
  • Six Fixes 1. Broken Fix: Drone takes own piece to
    escape fix so game play continues. 5. UnFixed:
    Any move fixes own not-in-a-fix Drone., etc.
    FIX: Threaten contrary Drone with next-turn taking.


  • Move The Immovable
  • Take Own Pieces: This powerful technique is carefully curtailed.
  • Delay nix trades.

3rd Dementian DONKEY OATEY & HORSE

  • Donkey Oatey (DO) & Horse may be on one space.
  • Donkey Oatey & Horse may move together or separately.


  • Donkey Oatey nose Himself is The Tip Of The Long Lance. All Non-Contrary know Donkey Oatey is only a unicorn horn on the Horse, so any one of them may be with or pass Donkey Oatey.
  • Donkey Oatey Supporters
  • Donkey Oatey Suspenders



  • Six Morx credits (Wing Nut 3 positions + 3 individuals)
  • First contrary taking of friendly DO &/or Horse or Tor Mentor awards friendly player a Morx credit. The credit placed on a monad (an *Astrix) replaces the lost move role.
  • Some Morx may be put on a monad for nix trades.

Six In A Dream

About California’s Six in a Dream®: Think Chess Alternative for Advanced Players


Six in a Dream® was conceptualized by M. Emory O’Connor   and   made in California ,USA. Memory had been bothered by his mother’s approaching 91st birthday, for he was at a loss as to what gift to give her. Finally while sleeping on it, he dreamed about a hexagon of 91 six-sided spaces, which then inspired the highly dynamic and challenging Six in a Dream®. Think chess, but with advanced game play and shifting game piece movement and you’ll have this terrific board game alternative that becomes more intriguing as the game play unfolds.

Why Six in a Dream® Board Game?

Unlike ordinary board games like Chess, Six in a Dream® features varying rules that require players to think more and do more through six different levels of difficulty and other accumulating aspects that make every turn fun and exciting. While other board games only allow you to move your own game pieces, this advanced game sometimes lets you move your opponent’s piece. And you can capture not just the enemy’s pieces but in a strategic move, elect to remove your own pieces as well.

In addition and unlike chess, you don’t have to end up with a stalemate as Six in a Dream® offers a scoring system that always results in a clear winner at the end of the game.Think chess reimagined and game play advanced with Six in a Dream® Board Game. For inquiries and orders, contact our gaming consultants in California today.

For inquiries and orders, contact our gaming consultants in California today.